No ordinary three-wheeler

sm_3-wheel_v-max_fr.jpg Take that, Piaggio MP3! While some three-wheelers offer motorcycle-like handling (i.e. corner leaning), they still fall a bit short when the throttle is twisted.

But there’s now a three-wheeler that no one is likely to call under-powered!

Tilting Motor
Works of Stanwood, Wash., wanted to produce a faster and more stable
motorcycle – and to make sure the results wouldn’t be boring, they based their project around a Yamaha V-Max.

The prototype tilter front-end add-on uses Works Performance
shocks with the two front wheels fitted with Buell perimeter style brakes, which – according to company owner Bob Mighell – makes braking action extremely good.

The V-Max’s forks have been replaced with non-collapsing tubes, which transfer the steering action but no longer serve as stressed members since the two front wheels now attach to the bike’s frame at a lower point.

The Washington state company is still figuring out some of the engineering niceties, but plans to offer in-house conversions in 2008 – most likely for some large cruisers as well as the Max. Costs will be comparable to other trike kits, says Mighell.

For a look at some video action of the Max tilter in action, see


  1. Good point, TK4, but in the last couple of seasons I ‘ve met some former r iderswho’ve had to give up riding due to inj ury or disability thatmakes it difficult to balance a bike at a standstill. For them a trike that leans might be a viable alternative to regular bikes.

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