Peart's BMW at museum


If you’ve read Neil Peart’s books, you
know that he rides a motorcycle. And because he also plays drums for
Rush, his BMW GS will be featured in a new
display at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Ohio.

The display, “MotoStars: Celebrities
& Motorcycles,” will open June 28 with bikes owned or used by
celebrities like Bub Lutz (what, you don’t know him?), and Will Smith
(an MV Agusta he rode in “I, Robot”).

Okay, so it seems like they’ve not been too choosy
about who gets in, but at least Peart, who is a Canadian, is a real
motorcycle rider. You can read about his experiences in several
books, including Roadshow: Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour by

Question is, what’s Peart going to be riding in July? 

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