Supercharged Ariel


Ariel single with supercharger

A supercharged single could mark the
return of Brit-bike name Ariel to motorcycle production.

Ariel has released information about
three motorcycle designs that are under consideration: a naked bike
with a Honda four-cylinder motor, an electric bike, and a light
single with a supercharger.

To date, the company has only issued a drawing of the supercharged single concept, so it’s obviously very, very, very early days.

The Ariel name was taken by British
company Solocrest in 2001 and the firm now produces a lightweight and well-received sportscar
called the Atom, which is powered by a Honda VTEC engine.

The original Ariel produced a number of
motorcycles from about 1900 to 1967, including the Square Four, a
1,000 cc model that can still be seen at vintage rallies in Canada.

For more info on the current Ariel firm (associated only by name with the former
motorcycle producer), check out


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