Emailbag ? Triumph Canada contact email?

Good Day, I am trying to contact Triumph Canada to discuss their views on the disparity on pricing and sales between here and the States.

I find it hard to understand that they are not willing to support the Canadian dealers to a level that is at least similar to that which they give the US dealers. Currently the prices are lower, and rebates in the form of merchandise is also offered.

The article (CMG, US Vs CA, what’s the Deal) mentions a Chris Ellis at Triumph Canada, is it possible to get his contact info or that of one of his underlings?


Graham Edwards

They don’t want to talk to you, believe me. You may have already discovered that Triumph doesn’t have any contact info on their websites, at least not out in plain sight.

I’d suggest checking with Good Time Centre (you’re in Ottawa, right?) and asking them for contact info.


Shhhh – its a secret, if they tell you they’ll have to tell everybody!


I have that e-mail address but I know manufacturers hate it when you hand these things out to the public, and I’m not going to be the first. Besides, as Larry said, if it ain’t in the contact info on the website then they probably want to keep it that way.

However, I will happily forward your e-mail to Mr. Ellis so that he can reply to you directly. In fact I’ve already done it.

Editor ‘arris 

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Canada is a small, insignificant blip on Triumph’s radar and has been ever since they moved North American headquarters down to Georgia.

  2. Well surrise, surprise, still no contact from Chris Ellis or anyone else at Triumph. Between that and the local salesperson challenging me on why I havent already bought my bike in the US (it would be really useful just now, record snow and all, wouldnt it!). It makes me wonder about the company’s committment to customer relations and service. Oh well, maybe this is another reason why Aisan bikes took over in the 70’s

  3. The manufacturers have no interest in direct customer contact unless it is vetted through a dealer first. That is how their world works. Triumph is worse than most. Past experience shows that Mr. Ellis is very hard to get in contact with. I suspect that his customer “service” policy is set in the UK and why would they care in any event? Triumph NA down in Georgia is probably twisting in the wind trying to figure out how to deal with a meltdown in the US dollar. Being fair with their CDN pricing takes a back seat to US market share. The 1st firm to change from this approach will win big.

  4. You were right I did comeup against the Stone Wall. I ended up getting through to a person at Triumph North America who wasn’t exactly helpful. It basically came down to “You should support your local dealer since he may give you shoddy service if you buy your bike elsewhere”. I asked him about that and he just said that he doesnt endorse such an approach but has heard of it. He said that Triumph UK set the market value based on what it thought the market could take, but then refused to pass along a contact.

  5. I know earlier this year many Canadian Triumph dealers were shaking their heads, wondering how they would get rid of 2006 stock– because the 2007 prices were lower than the previous year.

  6. Wow, I put this in the Soapbox and two hours later the same question pops up from someone else in the email bag. I would be really interested to hear the response, not that I am trying to be a shit disturber. I had intended on buying a Triumph in the next few months but the price disparity and the “dirty pool” as I see it (Triumph doing what they can to prevent cross border sales), has left a sour taste in my mouth. Hopefully they have a workable solution. We will see…

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