New Product round-up

Dual-purpose Shoei


Given the utility of helmet visors,
it’s a wonder more street riders aren’t using them. Visors can cut glare from low sunlight and may deflect rain from the face shield.

They’re not generally found on full-face street helmets, however, and while most off-road helmets do come with visors, they lack face shields — so you
gain one advantage at the cost of another.

Shoe’s new Hornet-DS
dual-sport helmet cuts both ways with a face shield and a visor. It’s
Snell and DOT approved, and has venting and other features for the
street rider.

The Hornet-DS will be distributed in Canada by Motovan, which lists the helmet right now at around $600. See

B-King slip ons


Yoshimura has produced a slip-on
muffler for the Suzuki B-King that is claimed to cut weight and boost

The Dual TRC Slip On is available in stainless steel,
titanium, and carbon fibre, and comes with removable baffles.

prices range from $749 to $999.


Double-duty Vanson

sm_vanson-streamliner.jpg Vanson Leathers has come out with a
garment that has two personalities. It’s a liner. It’s a jacket. It’s
a food group. No, wait – that’s three. Well, one of those might be

The Mark 2 Streamliner is covered in a
wind-and-rain resistant nylon shell, has outside and inside pockets,
a reversible yellow lining, and Thinsulate insulation. Sleeves zip
off, and a heated option is available for $60 more than the standard
U.S. list price of $159.

Vanson has two Canadian retail outlets
(Burnaby Kawasaki and Mapleleaf Moto in Windsor); otherwise, it’s a trip to the
Internet for you:

These goggles really blow

sm_smith-goggles.jpg The problem with goggles, of course, is
that they don’t have fans. Wrong! Now get your own personal fan club
with the Option OTG Turbo Fan by Smith Motorcycle Goggles.

two-speed micro-electronic fan blows hot air and steam out of the
goggles – great for looking at porn, but also useful, some say,
under a motorcycle helmet.

We can’t vouch for that second part, but
if you want to try it, be prepared to shell out a hundred bucks or
more at your local dealer, or go to
fill up a shopping cart.

Hindle pipe for CBR125

sm_hindlecbr125.jpg Hindle has produced an exhaust system
for the CBR125 that should reduce all-up weight and increase power.

The Canadian company’s product uses a
smaller Euro-Style street muffler and quiet versions are available.

The header pipes, in thin-wall
stainless steel, are $399.95, and mufflers start at $274.95 – but
the company will adjust its 2008 pricing to reflect changing dollar
values, which means a potential drop in consumer cost.

Hindle exhausts and race stands are
distributed in Canada by Motovan. See
for more.


  1. I think it needs regearing and adjustment to the FI mapping before a pipe is going to help much. Spending a $1000 on a pipe for a $3500 bike seems a bit over the top ?

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