Get down with BMW


No height, no problem

It’s one small step for Bavarian
motorcycle company, two feet flat on the ground for shortkind.

BMW Motorrad will offer extra-low seats
as options on some lines of 1200, 800, and 650 motorcycles, using
lowered chassis to get riders closer to terra firma.

It’s another move to attract new and
reborn riders to the BMW marque. “Less experienced motorcyclists and restarters often only feel safe
when stationary on their bike if both feet reach to the ground,”
the company says.

Others, of course, only feel safe when both hands can scrape the ground – but that’s what choppers are for.

Depending on the model, two options are
available for reducing seat height – a lower seat, and/or a lowered

The F800S and ST models are already
available with an altered chassis that lowers the seat by 55 mm,
while the F650GS will soon be available with a lower seat, or with a lower
seat-and-chassis package for a total drop of 55 mm. The R1200R and RT
models will be available with a standard two-position seat, the lower
seat, or the seat-chassis combo plate, bringing seat height down to
750 mm. However, for the lanky R1200GS, only the lowered-chassis option is

There – are you clear on that? 

Chassis lowering is accomplished by use of shortened suspension components and altered or removed side or centre stands – and that’s a factory job, so you’re advised to measure your inseam before you order the bike.


  1. Ride BMW R1100R 1998. I had seat foam removed and added 2 inches to my boots for safety on this unit. I will be adding lower shocks 2008 and keep the unit I have. Wish BMW had thought of us inseam challenged years ago. Thank you.

  2. Last time I rode a motorcycle was 30 years ago. Every now and then I walk into a BMW motorcycle dealership hoping to find a bike I feel comfortable with. Yesterday was one of them. I would have bought the 1200GT. I did not bec. of same fear/concern. I really welcome the news. Brings me closer to owning a GT.

  3. Hats of to BMW for us vertically challenged. I have the low seat in low position and boots that lets me have both feet on the ground, kinda of.
    My first BMW after 1960’s Triumph’s. Now if they can get the quality up, RT windshield brackets and final drive problems solved it will be the best out there.

  4. To discover that BMW is truly going to notice the plight of short riders is, well, a shock. I have had 5 Beemers that were all too elevated for comfort, beginning in 1963. I only realized relief when I bought a new R1100R in 1998, which, on lowest setting scores at 750mm. I am still riding this Beemer number 6, with no thought to giving it up. Thanks, BMW, but how wonderful it would have been to have short options available 30 or 40 years ago!

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