New Hyosung naked, super-moto


A Hyosung Monster?

Hyosung will show a new 650 naked bike
and a super-moto style 450 at the NEC Scooter and Motorcycle Show in
Birmingham, UK, later this month.

The GT650X is based on the company’s
V-twin DOHC motor, but adds EFI (new for all 650 models) and a new
oil cooler. The new motor will produce 82 hp – about 5 hp more than
the carbureted version.

It’s an aggressive
looking model with a small chin fairing, a sportbike style high rear
seat, and handlebars above the triple clamp. The GT650X uses a new ‘Monsteresque’ tubular frame, composed of
chrome-moly and aluminum, and light five-spoke wheels. Radially-mounted four-piston
calipers grip 300 mm discs up front.


RX450 super-moto

The RX450SM brings a new motor to the
Hyosung line, a liquid-cooled 450 cc single that should produce 50

It’s a super-moto style bike with a
chrome-moly frame that incorporates an oil reservoir, 45 mm inverted
forks, fully adjustable suspension front and rear, and Brembo brakes
with a wave-style 260 mm rotor up front. Dry weight is 120 kg.

The Korean manufacturer will also
preview a 125 scooter with large wheels and disc brakes.

Canadian importer National Motorsports
says the 650X and the 450 super-moto will arrive in Canada, possibly
in the fall of 2008. Prices are not set.

Hyosung is also working on a
liquid-cooled 1200 cc model that company VP Kent Aubichon said is
“V-roddish” and should produce 115 – 120 hp, as well as a
larger engine for the GT650 line.


  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good and nice super naked bike but when will show super naked woman. Don’t mind if she’s Korean they look nice too.

  2. Meant “They’re” not “There”, sorry about that, now that’s much clearer … believe your eyes not the hype ๐Ÿ™‚ . I’m pretty sure the rear wheel is the same (close, maybe not the same die) as my strom.

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