Naked and Shivering


Shiver makes it to Canada

The 750 cc Shiver
will hit Canadian showrooms in 2008, according to its importer. The SXV and RXV bikes will now be street legal.

Shiver is a naked bike with a 90-degree V-twin. The frame combines some steel
trellis work with aluminum castings, with a side-mounted rear shock. USD forks and radial-mount front brake calipers all look the business.

At a claimed 189 kg, the thing should be a quick little ride. MSRP is


RXV came in last year but is now street legal for 2008.

SXV and RXV models will be equipped for street duties. Powered by a
radical 450/550 cc V-twin engine, the SXV (super moto) 5.5 will
retail for $11,995 and the 4.5 for $10,995, and the RXV (dirt) 5.5
will go for $11,795 with the smaller 4.5 model retialing at $10,795.

Upgrading the bikes for street use has imposed a cost hike on some
models, but the SXV 4.5 holds the line at the 2007 price.

Another new(ish)
Aprilia, the 850 cc Mana, an auto-transmission model, is not
currently scheduled for a Canadian launch, but is not completely
ruled out either.


  1. In the market for another bike…something different. The Shiver really caught my eye…unfortunately, everyone I talk to says “stay away”….concerns about reliability and availability of required service/repair parts in Ontario (Canada for that matter)….
    “People buy Aprilia ’cause the look pretty”…hear that lots too.
    Any CURRENT Aprilia owner care to comment….and change my mind?

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