Now crashing is fun!


Simone Grotzkyj gets bagged.

An airbag system for racers, developed by Dainese, was put to the test on Saturday at Valencia when Simone Grotzkyj crashed during a 125 practice session.

The Dainese D-air is a portable airbag worn by the rider and equipped with electronics in a compartment which takes the place of the traditional hump on the back of the rider’s leathers. Sensors tell the system when to inflate the system with 37 litres of air – which takes about a twenty-fifth of a second!

Dainese invested 10 years of develop in the system, which is designed to protect the shoulders, collarbone, and neck of a rider. Dainese is working a model for street riders. Grotzky’s airbag, incidentally, did its job perfectly.

Check out the You Tube video of this event …


  1. I don’t think it’s designed to go off in a lowside crash at slower speeds. The system can tell the difference between the various types of crashes (gps based technology).

  2. Now [b]that[/b] is wild!

    Not sure how that would work on the street though… I mean how often are people injured from low-siding on the road??

  3. … and it uses software in conjunction with GPS! What do you figure THAT system is worth? I know, I know, what price do you place on a life. Typically the answer involves another question: who’s life are you talking about?

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