Ducati Monster 696


Monster 696 gets more power

With more muscle and a convertible wardrobe, Ducati’s Monster 696 enters
2008 ready to defend its status as a member of the famiglia Naked
Bike numero uno.

new 696 cc air-cooled motor produces 9 per cent more horsepower (now 80) and 11 per
cent more torque (50.6 lb-ft) than the 695 it replaces and boasts the best horsepower-per-litre ratio of any
air-cooled Ducati.

Cylinder heads are now similar to those on the
1100 Multistrada and Hypermotard, and camshafts rotate on bearing
surfaces directly, supported by oil pressure, which reduces weight in
the heads.

Bore and stroke have not changed from the 695, but pistons
and combustion chambers have been altered to improve flow. Engine
cooling is improved through new fins more tightly spaced. 


Removable tank skins

A new trellis frame with larger diameter tubes is attached to a rear
aluminum sub-frame, and front brakes operate four-piston,
radially-mounted calipers on 320 mm discs.

Ergonomics have been improved with a shorter reach to the bar and slightly
lower, more forward footpegs. A slimming program has also trimmed 5
kg (to 163 kg/359 lb) from the Monster’s already-lithe figure.

Uniquely,the bike is equipped with removable outer tank skins to enable easy
colour swaps, and a removable rear seat cover adds to the convertible

No word on pricing or availability just yet, but there’s no reason why we wouldn’t see it in the Great White North soon.


  1. Replaceable tank skins, eh? Undoubtedly there?ll be red, yellow, black and white available as options. I can already see the glossy brochure for the 696 and the heading on top page 6: ?Ducati offers four skins for your Monster.?

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