Transferable plates?

The B.C. Coalition of Motorcyclists is mounting another push for transferable licence plates for motorcycles and wants your signature on a petition … if you live and vote in the west coast province.

The motorcyclists-rights organization was told four years ago that transferable plates could become a reality by January 2005, but then a bureaucratic shuffle ensued, and you can guess the result: Promise, what promise?

Transferable plates allow owners of more than one motorcycle to insure and licence only one, and swap the plate around as needed. Certain bureaucrats seem to think it’s a silly idea.

Want to help straighten them out? If you think you can get some signatures on paper, call the B.C. COM at 1-877-580-0111 and ask for a petition form – or sign one at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show in January.

They’ll even mail one out to you. See for more.


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