Ride! and talk about riding

Adrian Blake.

You never get tired of talking about motorcycles, right? Now you can
tell the world all about it on a new online talk show.

Ride (with an
exclamation point) comes up on your Internet dial every two weeks,
starting Wednesday, Oct. 24, and it should be amusing, as Adrian Blake
chats up Michel Duff, Bob Williams, Peter Sheppard, and other
motorcycling luminaries. See and hear Ride! at www.blogtalkradio.com/ride .

Tim Campbell.

The Internet is the third most friendly medium to motorcycles (after asphalt and dirt), and there are, of course, more blogging and podcasting sites about motorcycling in Canada – including The Twisted Wrist.

You can listen to Tim Campbell spout off about all things motorcycling at twistedwrist.blogspot.com any time you like, because it’s downloadable to your MP3 ghetto blaster. Tim started podcasting about motorcycles a couple of years ago and regularly covers the field.

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