Zambia – Malawi

Rene times his entry into Zambia well and catches a lunar rainbow over the Victoria Falls and a hippopotamus with a lettuce crown …



Malawi is located on the western shores of idyllic Lake Malawi, which it shares with Mozambique to the east and Tanzania to the north.

The country is referred to as the “Warm Heart of Africa” by travelers (in reference to the friendliness of its people), but it is also well known to connesseurs of all types. Artists know it as a place for excellent mahogany and ebony carvings, drinkers know it for its fine teas and coffee and hippies know it for Malawi Cob – pot that is wrapped into a corn husk and buried in the ground to let everything mature.

Malawians are generally a friendly lot and not fussed about much, taking life in turn. English is an official language and they speak it slowly and enunciate their words, sounding much like British grammar teachers.

I am also struck at how white and nice their teeth are, especially since many seem to spend their day chewing fibrous sugar cane stalks. According to local theory, while the sugar is not great for teeth, the fibers counteract that by acting like toothbrushes.

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