Still in South Africa, Rene takes a trip to the Karoo desert and finds out all about the potential dangers of getting a flat in the middle of nowhere.


Intro by Editor ‘arris

You might have heard of the Karoo before, especially if you’ve owned a BMW GS bike fitted with Metzeler Karoo tires.

Well they get that name from a famous desert in south Africa that spans more than 400,000 square kilometers.

The name Karoo means the “Place of Great Dryness” but thanks to irrigation in the valleys there is farming, although game farms and tourism are now becoming a big part of the local economy.

However, that is not what interests us. The Karoo also has an extensive network of dirt roads and that’s what attracted Rene to go for a couple of visits on his 650GS. All was fun and games until the second (solo) trip when Rene discovered that bad things don’t always happen in threes …

Take me to Rene’s latest photo essay (pictures and words by Rene Cormier)!

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