2005 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally


That’s me at 4:00 am making notes. Of what I do not know, but that’s evidence that I do occasionally work.

It’s now Thursday morning – four days after the 2005 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally wrapped-up and I’m still finding it hard to get through the day without crawling into the big soft accommodating bed that is just a few rooms away from my home office.

I’m just exhausted … and I didn’t even turn a wheel at this year’s rally – who’d have thunk that just organizing such a thing would be more energy-sapping than actually doing it?

I didn’t.

But alas, I’ve now used up all my time-padding for writing about the whole affair and armed with an endless supply of English breakfast tea, a pack of cigarettes and a laptop (now moved to the kitchen, as the CMG office is “sapping my creativity”) I am ready to tell the tale of how 22 mad bastards signed up, yet only 7 made it back to base and in the time allowed and with the required documentation.

Hmhh, maybe organizing it actually was easier than taking part …

Since we seem to have generated an awful lot of material with this rally, we’re going to split it up into several sections:

Shelby gets the ferry points and fouls a plug at the same time.Photo: Steve Knapp


A) The Rally Weekend – a blow by blow account of how it all went down (next).

B) The Making of MBS ’05 – what we did and the rules we came up with for the MBS. Oh and don’t forget the bonus points for getting naked on the ferry, taking a group shot with some Boyz in the Hood in Rochester and a pic of you and Tansy-the-Waitress in Ridgeway.


C) MBSR in the First Person – competitors accounts of how they managed to complete what must be the toughest scooter rally in the world*!

D) CBC Radio Interview – Download this 7 minute mp3 of Philip Lee-Shanok’s account of the MBS Rally which aired on national CBC radio on the World This Weekend, the Saturday after the Rally.

Oh, BTW, when Editor ‘arris said “Herding” it sounds like “Hurting”. Editor ‘arris would like to apologize for sounding like he was “hurting” participants when he really meant that he was “herding” them (because there were a lot more entries this year). Although there may have been some pain experienced in the rally, CMG would like to state that no participant was “hurt” during the production of this event.

Well, maybe one or two.

Also, contrary to what was stated, US rider Keith Collins did actually make the rally in the allotted time, as we decided to give him the additional time he lost for a late start, because we’re kind like that. Well, let’s just say that Bobb wasn’t involved in that particular decision …

* This may not be true, but we don’t really care.

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