Who we are (staff)

These are all the reprobates who are currently working for or contributing to Canada Moto Guide, otherwise known as CMG.

Mark Richardson
Editor and Grand Poobah
In charge of all things Editorial, which means he sits around and thinks about motorcycles, a lot. He lives in Cobourg, Ontario, and rides a Harley Low Rider. One day, he’ll fix the Suzuki DR600 in his garage and go exploring all those roads that discourage cars on them. One day.

Zac Kurylyk
News Editor, Assistant Editor, and Guinea Pig
Zac earned his job by crashing the CMG Konker in 2010, proving he was one of the sad few afflicted by the CMG curse. Originally from PEI, he now lives down by the river just outside Saint John, New Brunswick, with a collection of tattered Hunter S. Thompson paperbacks.

Jacob Black
Managing Editor and Crash Test Dummy
Jacob is Australian, which helps explain his love of Vegemite and colourful use of language. He’s a senior editor with our parent company, autoTRADER.ca, where he spends his days driving cars and trucks and wishing he was riding motorcycles instead.

Costa Mouzouris
Montreal correspondent and lucky bastard
Costa’s had quite the moto journalistic career. Working first for CMG, then Cycle Canada magazine and now back to CMG, Costa is one of the best there is in Canadian moto-journalism and contributes test bike features and product launches. He lives in Montreal.

Steve Bond
West coast correspondent and grouchy old bugger
Steve moved to the Vancouver area from Ontario in the middle of the night without leaving a forwarding address. He now rides motorcycles there and writes about how wonderful it is and how there’s no snow and cheaper insurance, and generally ticks us off, but we love him anyway.

Larry Tate
Racing columnist and another grouchy old bugger
Larry lives pretty much next door to the Shannonville racetrack in Ontario and volunteers there as a track official. He’s got years of racing experience under his now-expanded belt, and while he’s standing next to the fence waiting to wave a flag, he’s thinking about all the racing he’ll watch that evening and write about for CMG. In the photo, he’s the one on the left.

Willy Williamson
Winnipeg correspondent and dirty biker
We’re a bit scared of Willy, who has no hair and no neck and wears a lot of black leather and rides a Harley. He writes about his adventures in Winnipeg every month for CMG, and we’re too nervous to not publish his column. He’s got a full-time job as the autos editor of the Winnipeg Free Press and is the host of his own TV show, Willy’s Garage, on APTN.

Jeremy Kroeker
Touring columnist and famous author
Jeremy lives in Canmore, Alta., but gets out as much as he can on his crappy old KLR. He’s written books about his bike travels through Central America (Motorcycle Therapy), Europe and the Middle East (Through Dust and Darkness), and he’s always planning The Next Big Trip.

Jeff Wilson
Bike tester and daredevil
Jeff lives somewhere down on the Niagara Peninsula and we force him to test ride fabulous motorcycles for CMG. He also tests cars for various automotive publications, and works as a producer and photographer for a Hamilton-based video production company. Sometimes, he remembers to focus.

Sabrina Giacomini
Bike tester and raconteur
Sabrina’s from Montreal, but fled down to Toronto to practice her English. She’s been riding for more than a decade now but still finds new things to tell us about with all the motorcycles we make her take out. She’s the nicest person of all of us, but that doesn’t mean much.

Matt Bubbers
Newbie and wannabe
Matt doesn’t know much about bikes and only just got his basic licence, but he reminds us what it’s like to be getting into this passion. He’s decided he loves bikes but he’s a car guy really, and reviews exotic machinery for The Globe and Mail. We don’t hold that against him. Much.

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