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Comparo – Suzuki Burgman 650 vs Suzuki DL 650 vs Suzuki SV 650

I wake up at 7 a.m. I’m in a motel room with a freshly showered Mr. Seck doing the wakey-wakey chant. Then comes the realization that I’m about to embark on a 12-hour endurance ride around the back-end of northern Ontario in search of obscure clues in obscure places for some kind of obscure pleasure. Welcome to the Blackfly Rally – 12 or 24 hours of non-stop riding to test man and machine with no plausible reason other than to ride … a lot.

Pascal takes on the Diablo SV Cup, Part 2

Team CMG’s Pascal Anctil managed to pull off a respectable seventh place in the first round of the Diablo SV Cup at Shannonville in May. But seventh just isn’t very CMG. You gotta either win, almost win, or come dead last (preferably after a spectacular crash requiring a long stay in the local hospital). With this in mind, our intrepid and fool-hardy racer packed up his cowboy hat, steak knife and ill-fitting leathers, and headed west to Calgary.