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Szoke in Trial des Nations

Szoke is pretty capable even when he’s not riding on slicks. Canadian Superbike champion Jordan Szoke will again be competing for his country in an international trials event. The seven-time national Superbike champion will be riding for Team Canada for a seventh time in the FIM Trial des Nations, this year to be held in […]

EU drivers facing changes

European Commission proposal would ban vehicles from cities by 2050. In a move to curb greenhouse gas emissions and reduce road fatalities, the European Commission unveiled a plan on Monday that could drastically alter the driving habits of Europeans. According to a report on The Independent, the plan would phase out conventionally fuelled cars from […]

Bubba Stewart arrested

Just what was he thinking? In what is probably the most bizarre post-race occurance, Fox News is reporting that James "Bubba" Stewart was arrested at the Orlando International Airport yesterday for impersonating an officer of the law. According to the police report, Stewart and a passenger were driving along SR 417 at 4:50 p.m. on […]

Hero looks to grow

At 97 cc, it’s unlikely bikes like the Honda Splendor will come to Canada. As the rest of the world’s motorcycle manufacturers set their sights on the Indian market, Hero Honda is looking at expanding their business outside the country’s borders. 

India’s Economic Times says the manufacturer of low-priced motorcycles based on Honda technology has […]

$20 motorcycle classes

Here’s what $20 can buy you these days. We’re all for motorcycle rider training. A bit of classroom time goes a long way in educating bikers in the ways (and dangers) of the road, but many beginning motorcyclists skip the courses because they cost money – something that seems to be in short supply as […]

Daytona Penalties

A pretty good clip to wipe out at! Courtesy: Speedtv The scary Daytona finish, in which Josh Herrin and Dane Westby collided, sending Westby down and collecting Tyler Knapp in the process at something like 290 km/h, has resulted in penalties for Herrin and his Graves Yamaha team.  Citing a rule prohibiting “riding at any […]

Daytona Fiasco

DiSalvo’s team changes everything save for the frame. photo: AMA Despite another change in management and race operation personnel, the AMA/DMG series south of the border still seems so screwed up that it couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery, let alone run a motorcycle racing series. The victory for the “Daytona 147,” shortened from […]