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The least expensive new, hand-built Brough Superior SS100 costs around $90,000, which is about two years’ income for the average Canadian worker. That’s not hurt sales one bit: apparently, Brough sold 65 bikes in 2017, its first year of production, and 85 bikes in 2018. This year, it hopes to sell 150 motorcycles, and next year, when the track-only AMB 001 becomes available with a limited edition run of 100, it’s likely that every one will sell before it’s built. Officially, it costs 108,000 euros including tax ($157,000), but in practice, for something as collectible as this, the dealers usually bump the price with additional charges and a prospective buyer must “qualify” to be allowed to purchase one. You can sniff and scoff and poo-poo all you like, but it’s bikes like these that keep life interesting for all riders. [...]

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