Test Ride: Tomos Bullet

Riding this thing exceeded any expectation I had – an array of women of all ages gawking at me as I rode by. At my first stop, a young lady loading grocery bags into her car stopped to eagerly ask me how fast it went, how did I like it and how much did it cost? After years of test riding seriously sexy bikes, this was the strongest (and strangest) chick magnet. Ever (although they were looking at the bike more than me)!

Test Ride: Moto Guzzi Stone

The California Stone is basically a rebadged Jackal with a makeover. Power is provided by a 1064 cc, transverse (from left to right instead of front to back) v-twin motor. You could say it defines Moto Guzzi – originating in the 50s when it was used to power 3-wheeled military vehicles, it still remains the Guzzi cornerstone, even as they celebrate their 80th anniversary this year.

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