CMG East Coast tour

The east coast of Canada is probably best known to motorcyclists for the Cabot Trail. And why not? It’s an amazing section of road and well worthy of the praise, but there’s a whole world of amazing sights, amazing roads and endless eastern hospitality to be found in the whole region. To bypass it all on the way to the Cabot is almost criminal.

Pascal takes on the Diablo SV Cup, Part 2

Team CMG’s Pascal Anctil managed to pull off a respectable seventh place in the first round of the Diablo SV Cup at Shannonville in May. But seventh just isn’t very CMG. You gotta either win, almost win, or come dead last (preferably after a spectacular crash requiring a long stay in the local hospital). With this in mind, our intrepid and fool-hardy racer packed up his cowboy hat, steak knife and ill-fitting leathers, and headed west to Calgary.

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