Real women wanted for gear

Denise Maple says women are not only riding moremotorcycles, but they’re starting motorcycle-related companies, too. Proof lies in her own firm, VaVaVroom, which makes bikerfashion for “real women,” whatever that means. Maples says VaVaVroom “offers what a lot of other companiesdo not — clothing with sizes ranging from XS to 5X and fashionable designs madeout … Continue reading Real women wanted for gear

Yosh Suzi still unbeatable

Emerson Conner hangs with AMA vet Larry Pegram Here’s a shocker … Yoshimura Suzuki dominated AMA Superbike racing at Infineon Raceway/Sears Point/Sonoma, choose your favourite track name. Ben Spies took wins in both ends of the AMA Superbike double-header at Infineon Raceway near San Francisco, both times followed home by team-mate and six-time U.S. champ … Continue reading Yosh Suzi still unbeatable

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