Test Ride: Kawasaki Ninja 650

In typical CMG style what started out as a grandiose plan for a tour of northern Ontario, with a stopover in North Bay to watch Larry win the Vintage Road Racing Association’s final round, turned out to be a quick dash to do a quick test ride and help get Larry drunk so that he could quickly forget that he not only crashed in practice, but broke his ankle to boot!

Test Ride: Buell Ulysses, Part 2

Hopefully you’ve already read Mr. Lewis’s account of how he found the Buell Ulysses over the eight-week period that we had it in our possession. What we’re going to do in this part is recount how the bike stood up to an all the more rougher ride when I took it for a dual-sport day with Rally-Connex as well what I thought of it once back on the safety of pavement.

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