Test Ride: BMW K1200GT

Although we’ve only just got our hands on the K1200GT CMG long-termer, I got my grubbies on one courtesy of BMW USA, way back in March for my US Tour. After racking up a total of 4000 miles in ten days I’d gotten pretty familiar with the bike’s capabilities. The following is my account of how it performed, although I should probably clarify that this is based on the bike I had in the US, not the actual CMG long termer.

Mr. Boss goes racing

With that AA-style confession off my chest, I’ll also admit that knowing Team CMG’s storied racing legacy of wrecked bikes, multiple fractures and last place finishes left me a little, uh … wary. To make matters worse, race organizers and promoters—Supermoto Canada—had rescheduled the Fort Erie round from mid June—when I had originally planned to do it—to mid August, leaving me an extra two months to stew.

CMG goes to Daytona!

Have you ever been fortunate enough to win the lottery? Or maybe you’ve been the lucky draw winner at a fundraiser, or just even found the toy motorcycle at the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks? What I’m getting at is the feeling that is brought about by random occurrences of good fortune. It’s that extraordinary feeling of euphoria, that unmistakable elation that fills your soul. It was this jubilation that I personally experienced back in November of last year.

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