Real women wanted for gear

Denise Maple says women are not only riding moremotorcycles, but they’re starting motorcycle-related companies, too. Proof lies in her own firm, VaVaVroom, which makes bikerfashion for “real women,” whatever that means. Maples says VaVaVroom “offers what a lot of other companiesdo not — clothing with sizes ranging from XS to 5X and fashionable designs madeout … Continue reading Real women wanted for gear

Yosh Suzi still unbeatable

Emerson Conner hangs with AMA vet Larry Pegram Here’s a shocker … Yoshimura Suzuki dominated AMA Superbike racing at Infineon Raceway/Sears Point/Sonoma, choose your favourite track name. Ben Spies took wins in both ends of the AMA Superbike double-header at Infineon Raceway near San Francisco, both times followed home by team-mate and six-time U.S. champ … Continue reading Yosh Suzi still unbeatable

New 696 on the floor

Monster 696 in dealerships Ducati rolls out its new 696 Monster at dealerships across Canada today. The bike is claimed to be an improvement on last year’s 695, with nine per cent more power and 11 per cent more torque. Ducati dealerships in most provices of Canada will have the bike on showroom floors.

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