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Erik Buell interview

It took me a while to get accustomed to the dimly lit interior of the Deeley Harley-Davidson hospitality room. The usual trappings of a publicity machine were neatly laid out on the various tables a shiny coffee urn, clear pitchers of water and juice, press kits, and complimentary pads of paper for the absent minded journalists who forgot to bring their own.

Paris-Dacre ’06

‘Arris had put together a team for last year’s inaugural P-D and had run the course on a KTM 640 Adventure. Even though this bike could be considered one of the best tools for the job, he came away from the event feeling like he’d been tossed into a rather large and dirty tumble dryer for sixteen hours. The idea of taking a near-500 lb vintage BMW on this ride was, in his books, a recipe for disaster.