EICMA-by-brand-NLEditor’s Note

Happy Monday 23rd of November!

Well that was the week that was and it was all EICMA. Just in case you’ve been stuck in a cave for the last week, EICMA is arguably the world’s most important motorcycle show and has become the place where most of the world’s motorcycle manufacturers do the big unveil of their latest and greatest new models.

As a Canadian motorcycle magazine that sets its coverage at an international level, EICMA is a very important event for us. This year we had no less than three journalists on the ground during the Tuesday press day and another three back in Canada to direct and process the information as it came down the pipe.

It meant a 4 AM start for the Canadian crew (and yes, I was one of them, unfortunately) but it also meant that CMG was often the first of the world’s motorcycle media to get pictures and information on new models as they were unveiled. Granted, our Canadian audience may have been light in the early hours, but by the time the nation was waking up and checking in, CMG was there with all the important news.

This is the beauty (and the horror, if you are getting up before 4 AM) of the internet and it is what we embrace and continue to maximize. Without doubt CMG offered the Canadian motorcyclist an international level experience of EICMA 2015 and still — a week later — no other Canadian magazine has grabbed the news from EICMA and run with it.

It also means that this week’s newsletter is all about that news from EICMA and my pick is the summary piece of each model covered (thus saving me from having to insert a mass of individual model articles below!).

Enjoy, Rob Harris