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(Daily News & Assistant Editor) Zac earned his job at CMG by crashing Editor ‘Arris’s Konker in 2010, proving he was one of the sad few afflicted by the CMG curse. Originally from PEI, he now lives in a van down by the river, just outside Saint John, New Brunswick with a collection of tattered Hunter S. Thompson paperbacks.

Sonic’s Workshop: CB400F

Have you ever had one of those days? If you have, then you’d know what kind of a month it’s been.

My flame adorned purple VW Fox, (the eyesore of Ajax) dumped all its rad fluid whilst on the way to the fix-it shop to check why I couldn’t get the temperature gauge to function. Needless to say without coolant or any way to monitor the engines temperature I didn’t realize there was a problem until #3 piston parted company with its connecting rod.