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Sportster, Lambrettas at show

Rumble in the Convention Centre jungle The Toronto Motorcycle Show will feature some new items this year, including Harley-Davidson’s latest Sportster, and Lambretta scooters. Harley’s XR1200 Sportster was until recently a Europe-only model but has just been announced for Canada. The sporty Harley will be available for your consideration at this weekend’s T.O. show. Lambretta … Continue reading Sportster, Lambrettas at show

Flippy helmets tested

The 3-star pinnacle of helmets Convertible helmets, also called "flip-front" helmets, are sometimes viewed as less crash-worthy than ordinary full face models, but some have achieved high rankings in a safety test. Twenty flip-up helmets were tested in Britain by the Department of Transport’s Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme and results were issued recently. … Continue reading Flippy helmets tested