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Honda introduces advanced braking

An electronically-controlled combined ABS braking system that blends anti-skid and linked braking in a super sport motorcycle has been introduced by Honda. The system combines the advantages of both braking mechanisms and applies them specifically to the characteristics of a super sport model, such as short wheelbase and high power-to-weight ratio. The combined system measures … Continue reading Honda introduces advanced braking

Have a little Vun for a change

Vun in standard street trim The Italian company CR&S has taken inspiration from "motorbikers, enthusiasts, aesthetes, technicians, ‘tuning specialists,’ tourists, riders, hedonists, goliards, experts, and free spirits" to create a bike named "One." Or, more correctly, "Vun," which means one in the Milanese dialect. The result is a motorcycle with a Rotax engine and a … Continue reading Have a little Vun for a change