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Tomahawk for cheap

Tomahawk knock-off On this auspicious and lucky day (08-08-08) in Beijing, Olympics fireworks rain from the smoggy skies, but elsewhere in China something "important" is actually happening. A Chinese company is building a knockoff 10-cylinder, Viper-engined Dodge Tomahawk that willl sell for the emininently reasonable price of $1,400, according to a report in … Continue reading Tomahawk for cheap

New Honda VFR, more er less

MCN Presents: The Honda VFR-5 A Honda VFR with a MotoGP-inspired five-cylinder, 1,000 cc motor, single-side swingarm with shaft drive, push-button gear changer, and two models: street-sport, and touring. That’s what Motorcycle News is suggesting we’ll see in 2009, and they’ve even got world exclusive pictures to prove it. But wait, there’s more … … Continue reading New Honda VFR, more er less