3 thoughts on “Video: Triumph teases new Tiger 900 Rally, Tiger GT”

  1. Rally and GT. Hopefully this is a move to clean up the alphabet soup of the Tiger’s current naming convention.

    I mean, the 3 letter code was easy enough to understand once I figured it out. But the fact I had to take time to figure it out is a big marketing fail.

    1. Yep. The marketeers need to think this through more carefully.

      Honda Fireblade = good
      Honda CBR1000RR-R = bad.

      But sometimes it doesn’t work.
      Suzuki SV650 = good
      Suzuki Gladius = bad

      1. I much prefer names rather than alphanumeric designations. As stated, these should be easy to understand and be somewhat descriptive of said model. For example, I personally don’t like KTM’s naming convention for its adventure bikes: 790 Adv, 1090 Adv, 1290 Adv, blah blah. Pretty boring. Now Husqvarna seems to be doing it right, at least in the concept phase with the Norden (901), Yamaha with the Tenere etc.

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