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Canadian startup develops add-on lighting kit for helmets

A BC-based company has developed a lineup of safety lighting designed to be installed on motorcycle helmets.

LightMode has a line of four different light kits that attach to the outside of your helmet to make you more visible in low light conditions. You can either order a pre-existing design (the peel-and-stick Neutron S kits), or a kit that allows you to customize the shape of your lighting (the Electron S for simple designs, the Grid S for more complex designs). All these kits are available in different colours. Other differences between the kits are explained in the video above.

Runtime is 6-11 hours, depending which mode you’re using (the lights can be set to flash, or burn steadily).

The LightMode kits have a USB-recharged battery-powered controller. The company’s website says the basic design was developed in 2013, when founder Thomas Plywaczewski built a similar system for use while riding his sportbike. Other riders asked him where they could purchase helmet lighting kits, and when Plywaczewski couldn’t find them on the market, he put his engineering background to work and started building them himself.

The LightMode site lists pricing at $129 US for the Neutron S system, $229 for the dual-light Neutron S kit. The Electron S is $149 for the kit, and the Grid S is $169. LightMode offers free shipping in North America.

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