Motorcycles are now allowed in Ontario’s HOV lanes

As of July 1, motorcycles are now allowed in Ontario’s high-occupancy vehicle lanes with only a single rider.

For years, motorcycles have been banned from Ontario’s provincially-administered HOV lanes, unless they have multiple people on board (rider+pillion=good, single rider=bad). Municipalities were allowed different rules (Toronto permitted single-rider motorcycles in its HOV lanes), but the province itself was the only jurisdiction in North America that wouldn’t allow motorcycles in its HOV lanes.

David Grummet of the MMIC says that was a key turning point, when his organization and other parties brought up the proposed HOV changes with last year’s new PC provincial government.

“All we had to do was point we’re the only guys who ban motorcycles from traveling in HOV lanes, and once they figured out they were the oddballs out, they wanted to change that real quick,” he said. Previous provincial governments were unwilling to change HOV rules, where Ontario had banned bikes from the beginning. This April, Doug Ford’s Tories turned that around.

Although we’ve heard of motorcyclists being pulled over for riding in the HOV lane since yesterday’s rule change, Grummet says the Ontario Provincial Police have indicated they’re fully aware of the new rule changes, which should mean no real difficulties for riders. Some areas might not have signage indicating the new rules, but we’ve already heard of the old “No motorcycles” signs being replaced on some provincial HOV routes, particularly the 403.


11 thoughts on “Motorcycles are now allowed in Ontario’s HOV lanes”

  1. Noticed this morning that the sign at the beginning of the HOV lanes on the QEW eastbound in Burlington now has a motorcycle on it, along with the taxi, bus, and car with 2 people in it.

  2. On the Ontario government’s website it says this about hov lanes: “They are restricted to certain types of vehicles carrying at least 2 people.”
    A single rider motorcycle shouldn’t be allowed because it’s only carrying 1 person, if a motorcycle is carrying 2 people then they should be allowed to use the hov lane.

    1. But it also says:

      “The following vehicles have unrestricted access to HOV lanes, no matter how many passengers they are carrying :

      buses of all types
      licensed taxis and airport limousines until June 30, 2020
      emergency vehicles
      vehicles with Ontario green licence plates

      Motorcycles have also been added to the HOT lanes page

    2. well I guess your bubble is burst eh, because they are now allowed, so what is your opinion on a green vehicle with only the driver being allowed?

  3. about time they see the light… Now, wonder how long before that trickles down to “La Belle Province”

  4. This article is incorrect…. in Quebec motorcycles are NOT allowed in those lanes either… because we’re not really distinct, we’re more like, short bus to school “special”…

      1. I love how millenials can both ask a question and make a statement, in one grammatically confused, (but effective), sentence.

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