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Ducati Riding Experience off-road training coming to North America

Multistrada riders, rejoice! Ducati is bringing its off-road training program to North America.

The Ducati Riding Experience off-road program has been running in Italy for a few years now, offering riders a chance to learn how to properly flog their Multistrada in the dirt. In the past, the Multi lineup isn’t always reckoned to be the best choice off-road, but if you sign up for the DRE program, the instructors will show you the Enduro can be pushed much further than people realize.

Until now, Canadians had to travel to Italy to experience this program. Ducati is now changing that, offering the program in North America, but Canadians will still have to travel—the program will run in Utah, at the Sundance Resort, with former Dakar racer Beppe Gualini as one of the instructors.

For now, Ducati’s offering three events in Utah, based around the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains. There are a couple of shorter two-day training events, and one more intense three-day event. The course sounds pretty similar to what most ADV schools offer. First, there are bike drills to demonstrate the machine’s capability to you (you’ll be riding the Multistrada 1260 Enduro, rental included in the price). Later you’ll use the skills you learned to take part in a full-day adventure ride.

Really, you can get this sort of training here in Canada from guys like Clinton Smout, but most adventure riding schools set you loose on BMWs, or maybe a Japanese bike. The Ducati school is a rare opportunity to take a course specifically aimed at a Multistrada, and we’d expect the other aspects of the course (dinners, accommodations) to all carry the Euro flair that Ducatista have come to expect from their brand’s events.

Alas, the pricing will reflect that Mediterranean luxury. The two-day sessions each cost $1,900 US, and the three-day session is $2,900 US. Ouch. For that kind of money, you could buy a KLR650 and spend several weekends out at S.M.A.R.T. Adventures getting instruction here in Canada. But if you want Multistrada-focused training, then Utah it’ll have to be—hope your credit card’s in good shape. If you think you can afford it, or you are curious about the Ducati training, see the event website here.

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  1. I’m guessing the big bike ADV world will be seeing more events like this as manufacturers (continue to) attempt to win the “hearts and minds” (read wallets) of the displaced Harley crowd.

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