Erik Buell is back, with Fuell electric motorcycle company

Erik Buell is back at work in the motorcycle industry; now he’s with an electric motorcycle company that calls itself Fuell.

In case you somehow don’t know who Erik Buell is, here’s the short version: In the 1980s, Buell started making sportbikes built around Harley-Davidson engines, eventually founding a Harley-Davidson subsidiary that bore his name, making sporty naked bikes. Harley-Davidson shut Buell’s subsidiary down in 2009, whereupon he founded Erik Buell Racing and continued to produce made-in-America sportbikes for several years. However, financial troubles eventually caught up with EBR, and shut the company down, whereupon we saw several months of weirdness as the assets were sold. You can catch up with some of that history here.

After EBR shut down, there was considerable speculation as to where Erik Buell would end up next. Would he work for another OEM? Start up another company? Retire to Margaritaville?

Now we have the answer. Buell is now working in the EV segment, partnering with Sauber Motorsports to start a new company under the name Fuell. Clever, right?

So far, Fuell has shown off two bikes. The first, a pedal-assist moped, is called the Fluid. The second is a full-on electric motorcycle, called the Flow. The Flow is powered by a hub motor in the rear wheel, available in 15 hp or 47 hp versions. Other than that, details are limited, and pricing has not been released, but expect it to come in around the $11,000 USD mark (the e-bike, by the way, carries A $3,295 USD price tag).

So far, we haven’t heard about either machine coming to Canada.

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