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Video: Here’s the 2018 Corduroy Enduro

Bellistic Films has released its its coverage of the 2018 Corduroy Enduro, aka “Canada’s Toughest Race.”

The Corduroy Enduro runs outside Gooderham, Ontario, and this was the 65th running of the historic race. The two-day event doubles as Round 3 and 4 of both the Off-Road Ontario Enduro Series and the National Enduro Series. It’s arguably Canada’s most famous motorcycle race, drawing competitors from across the country, and even the US. Like the race’s website says, the Corduroy was a hard enduro long before “Hard Enduro” was coined as a phrase, and its legendary level of difficulty brings in new suckers for punishment racers every year.

Bellistic’s editing of the race coverage is fantastic, and kudos to them for the good work, with commentary (Pat Gonsalves, Blair Sharpless, Frank Wood and world enduro champ David Knight behind the mic). It almost makes us want to start training for next year’s race. Almost.

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