Zero SR/F photo shows upcoming electric naked bike

Earlier this month, we told you Zero was teasing a new motorcycle called the SR/F and that was about all we know. Well, this photo released today tells us a bit more.

The teaser shot from Zero shows what seems to be yet another naked bike, contrary to rumours. Interwebz gossip said Zero might be about to finally debut a battery-powered superbike, but no, this appears to be yet another unfaired motorcycle. Not super-thrilling, since Zero’s been building these now for a long time, and we haven’t been officially tipped any wild horsepower or range specs. Asphalt & Rubber has reported the new machine’s battery pack will be in the 20 kWh range, which should work out to just about 200 km of mixed urban/highway riding, and an electric motor making about 120 hp. As well, A&R says the SR/F will get cornering ABS, improved gauges over the rest of the Zero lineup, and will have an MSRP that would work out to more than $30,000 CAD.

But, maybe they’ll make us all flip our collective wigs when the bike is unveiled February 25, with tales of increased range and tire-shredding torque. We’ll see! As always, we remain hopeful …

5 thoughts on “Zero SR/F photo shows upcoming electric naked bike”

  1. I’ve been waiting yeeeaaars for a “batter-powered superbike”, attach a cooling rack/cage… somewhere, and you’ve got doughnuts, or pancakes or any other of the many batter based foods waiting for you at the end of your ride. The possibilities are endless!!

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