Ride your bike and make a difference

Lansdowne Children’s Centre 15th Annual Charity Motorcycle Ride
  • Brantford, May 11
  • In support of Lansdowne Children’s Centre

Angee Turnbull: “The ride is going into its 15th year, and it is in support of Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation’s unfunded programs at the centre. We look after about 2,600 children a year, and we do occupational therapy, physical therapy, autism, speech, language, respite, but our recreation programs are totally unfunded, so we need to raise the money for those. Those are the fun things for kids — it’s getting to go to camp, getting to do sports, getting to do gardening, music, art, so all the things that kids should be able to do. But if you are a child with special needs, sometimes you need help.

“We have a great partnership with our local police, so they have a fully escorted ride with officers from across Southern Ontario. A lot of the money, though, comes from two things: sponsorship, (where) a lot of businesses really support Lansdowne because they love what we do for the kids, and the second thing is that riders bring in pledges.”

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