Kawasaki recall

Recall #: 2018687
Models Involved: 2018 Kawasaki Z900 RS, Z900
Number of Vehicles:
Problem: On certain motorcycles, the rear brake hose and rear wheel sensor wire may be improperly routed and could come into contact with the rear tire. If the brake hose were to become damaged, it could leak brake fluid and reduce braking performance. If the wheel sensor were to become damaged, ABS functionality could be lost, vehicle speed may not displayed on the meter, and the ABS indicator light could illuminate.
Correction: Dealers will inspect and ensure the rear brake hose and rear wheel sensor wire are correctly routed. If the rear brake hose and/or rear wheel sensor is found damaged, they will be replaced as necessary.

2 thoughts on “Kawasaki recall”

  1. Seems like every article concerns a recall. Were bikes built better years ago (doubt it) or has the internet allowed the news to get out that widely that it appears that every bike needs a recall?

    1. I don’t think there are any more recalls than usual this year — they just all are getting published at the same time by Transport Canada to close out the year.

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