Yamaha recall

Recall #: 2018671
Models Involved: 2015-2016 Yamaha R3
Number of Vehicles:
Problem: On certain motorcycles, a torsion spring within the transmission could break, making shifting gears difficult or impossible.
Correction: Dealers will replace the torsion spring with one with a different design. Note: In the interim, owners are advised to stop use until recall repairs are performed.

2 thoughts on “Yamaha recall”

  1. Seriously? Recalled again? That is the fifth recall (well, the first four were bundled as two recalls so some might count this as only the third). So far: oil pump assembly, clutch bearings, tank mount, main ignition and now torsion spring in transmission. At least it is not like the old days where your model year was a “bad year” and fixed it yourself or sold the bike at a deeply discounted rate.

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