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Made-in-India Jawa is now pre-booking sales

The made-in-India Jawa lineup is pre-booking sales, and buyers will soon be able to ride the machines away from showrooms.

These made-in-India machines, built by Mahindra (we talked about that deal here), are interesting in that they’re keeping the old-school lines that typified Jawa over its production run. In fact, these bikes have some of the most classic designs on the market right now. They also have an oddball naming system, as one model is just called the Jawa, and the other is the Jawa 42.

Regardless, they’re both good-looking bikes, if you dig that vintage look. They’re powered by a liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor. The machines are powered by a 293 cc engine that puts out 27 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque, although Jawa is also supposed to be working on a new parallel twin as well.

Will they come to Canada? Considering long-established made-in-India Royal Enfield still isn’t really putting up much of a fight in here, don’t get your hopes up. There may also be distribution issues, as Mahindra seems to have rights to the Jawa brand in Asia, but not other markets.

However, it’s entering the Asian market with a bang, starting out with 100 dealers in 27 provinces in India. Customers are going to be able to pick up their new motorcycles in a couple of weeks, but they’re already able to put money down on the bikes.

Behold, the Jawa.
The Jawa 42.


One thought on “Made-in-India Jawa is now pre-booking sales”

  1. Nice bike. Similar specs as the RE Continental GT paint shaker. If doesn’t rattle the fillings out of a persons head I think it’ll do alright in India’s growing market. I’d love the twin. Classic good looks with 40 or so horses. Nice.

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