2019 Honda CB500X upgraded for next season

Honda has updated its mild-mannered adventure bike for 2019, with a few bits intended to improve offroad performance, as well as a retuned engine.

The parallel twin engine sees the same improvements as the rest of Honda’s 500 lineup this year: midrange horsepower and torque are up this year, but by the sound of it, peak output is roughly the same, around 47 hp. There’s also a new assist/slipper clutch this year, and all the 500 models get a new LCD dash.

The changes to the CB500X go further than that, though. There’s new bodywork to make the bike more comfortable at speed, sheltering the rider from windblast.

There’s also a new 19-inch front wheel (previously, it had a 17-inch hoop), and the suspension has been beefed up. Front suspension travel goes from 140 mm to 150 mm; rear suspension travel goes from 118 mm to 135 mm, thanks to a new shock. Given that suspension was always one of the first things CB500X owners upgraded if they planned on serious offroad work, these changes will be welcome.

One change that won’t be welcome: Wet weight is up from 194 kg to 197 kg, at least for the Euro model.

Canadian pricing and availability for the CB500X has not been announced yet.

The improvements should make the CB500X a much better bad-road bike.

2 thoughts on “2019 Honda CB500X upgraded for next season”

  1. This is a pleasant surprise after the disappointment of no KLR replacement and the total bs we had to listen to in regards to the T7.

  2. Nice! Precisely what this model needed.
    Not to even mention that the previous version was unspeakably ugly, heheh…
    This new bike is still no beauty queen – but should at least function far better.

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