More details on new Kawasaki ZX-6R

Kawasaki’s ZX-6R was unveiled last week, with the public getting its first look at Team Green’s new supersport. Now, we’ve got more details on the machine, including a Canadian MSRP.

Along with the upgrades mentioned last week (re-tuned engine with quickshifter and new riding modes, new suspension, new brakes, new bodywork and new LED headlights), Kawasaki also says the updated ZX-6R also has a revised final gearing, changed to 15-43 for more usability on the street.

The fuel injectors have been updated with newer units, which is why the machine can now meet Euro4 standards. The ZX-6R still has a 636 cc motor which is not legal for many roadracing series, but does offer a displacement advantages on the street.

The new quickshifter is a contactless design, for upshifts only. The ECU gets a signal from the quickshifter indicating an upshift, and cuts the ignition to allow for clutchless shifting.

Kawasaki says part of the reason the retuned engine meets Euro4 emissions standards is a set of newer fuel injectors. As for the new power modes, the selection is simple: Full or Low are your only options. Low is presumably for rainy conditions. Combine the traction control setting with the power modes, and there are eight different levels of electronic interference with the engine’s output.

The new suspension is Showa’s SFF-BP design, which combines both the Separate Function Fork and Big Piston technology—hence the clunky name. The suspension itself is said to not be clunky at all, though, as the new design is supposed to be very composed under braking and offer great control, with “greater chassis stability on corner entry.” Thanks to the hybrid design, adjustments for preload are on top of the left fork cap, and compression and rebound damping are on the right.

The Showa rear shock is adjustable for preload, rebound damping and compression damping.

Kawasaki says the rider triangle is unchanged for the new ZX-6R, but there are a couple of concessions to ergonomics, including a new adjustable clutch lever and a new seat, cowling and windscreen.

This year, the Kawasaki ZX-6R will come in ABS and non-ABS versions in Canada, in Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Flat Spark Black, Pearl Storm Gray/Metallic Spark Black and Lime Green/Ebony/Metallic Graphite Gray paint schemes. MSRP starts at $11,999 for the base model. Add $1,000 for ABS, and the Kawasaki Racing Team paint scheme, which also has ABS, costs $13,299. For the sake of reference, the 2018 ZX-6R was $12,699, so Team Green has actually dropped the price tag on this one, despite the upgrades.

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