Here’s what the Harley-Davidson Livewire will look like

Harley-Davidson has been talking lots about its battery bike future, with company bigwigs recently confirming their promise to deliver an electric motorcycle in 2019. Now we know what that bike is going to look like.

Right now, Harley-Davidson is having a 115th-anniversary party in Milwaukee, and company officials rolled this machine out for the public to see. Supposedly, this is what the production machine will look like next year (or so we’ve been told—we haven’t seen an official Harley-Davidson press release yet).

Front brakes are proper Brembo monoblocs, suspension is fully-adjustable Showa components front and rear, and of course, the machine has an auto gearbox—there’s no shifting, just like most other electric bikes. It will charge from a standard wall outlet.

The bike is said to be coming in yellow, black and orange next year. More details as they come!

11 thoughts on “Here’s what the Harley-Davidson Livewire will look like”

  1. Interesting. Especially if this might be the start of other electric models that Harley has in the pipeline ( the flatracker drawing especially comes to mind ). While this model may not appeal to the traditional Harley owner I’ll give them kudos for trying to attract new buyers to their showrooms.
    While I’m not in the market for such a machine , I will look forward to more info on range , price and maybe a test drive, you know, just to say I did.

  2. Love it. Like everything HD it’l be outrageously overpriced, because it’s the first gen HD electric bike it’ll be astronomically priced.

  3. Observation: I see older, retired people still driving the HD’s from Pans to Evo’s and my experience from my very first bike ( 1963 Pan ) back in the day and now an owner of a 1200 Sporty for the last 23 years is that no older or retired rider will buy the newer models…… The young fellows that do buy, will buy the Japanese ones and only for maybe five years….. They are throw aways like the Bic lighters…….. I think you have as they say, shot yourself in the foot….. Good luck anyways……..

    1. throw away like a bic lighter where have you been that was many years ago, many people are riding jap scrap that is well over 20 yr. and never had a problem with them. over the past 55 yr I have rode bikes from many countries. the ones I had the most down time with was HD and BMW My HD had a belt drive that left me in the stranded, and chains are just too much for a 70 yr. old. and a chain with out a center stand is just silly I can have been on ride where one person pushed the bike a round while some one followed with a oil can while I put mine on the center stand and was off. When HD goes back and comes out with a drive shaft, I mite look at one then. And yes they did make a drive shaft bike at one time.

  4. I’m on a Super Glide now and really like the look of the electric bike. My next question would be; what is the price? Getting more information will be great. The Haters are not new, but that the bike is.

  5. Ugly with a capital U. Most carmakers make ugly electrics and hybrids so they won’t sell…Maybe Harley is taking the same approach?

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