No Honda Super Cub C125 for Canada

The Honda Super Cub is the most popular motorized vehicle in the world’s history, it’s being updated for 2019, it’s headed for the US market … and it’s not coming to Canada.

Last fall, Big Red announced updates to its fantastically popular step-through (more than 100 million units sold, since 1958!). In November, Honda said it would start selling a C125 Super Cub, based around the same fuel-injected four-speed air-cooled single-cylinder engine that powers the Honda Grom. That announcement grabbed plenty of attention, especially as the Grom has earned lots of fans over the past few years due to its blend of goofiness, fun and reliability.

The interest in the updated Super Cub was enough to bring it back to the American market, with an expected MSRP of $3,600. That’s low, but an even better deal when you consider ABS is standard on US models.

That would work out to about $4,600 CAD if the machine came to Canada—but it isn’t. At least, not for 2019. That’s the official line from Big Red’s Canadian arm, and that’s it; there was no talk about the bikes coming here at some future date, or not coming here. We’ll just have to wait and see, but if you really want one, we’d suggest you start pestering your local dealer. The OEMs are certainly capable of changing their mind, if they think they can whip up enough sales to make importation worthwhile.

13 thoughts on “No Honda Super Cub C125 for Canada”

  1. I would love to get a 2019 Super Cub as I started on a C105 back in 1964 when in high school. Today i have a 2018 Goldwing.

  2. “$4,600 CAD if the machine came to Canada” – It would never be less than 5 grand, probably closer to $5995. More than exchange rate goes into the price of such things. Americans can buy cars made here in Canada for less than we can…

  3. I would love one but wasn’t the purpose of this bike is to have super cheap transportation? $4600 is CB300 territory. $2500 would be more reasonable

  4. I’m not surprised at this decision. Actually, my interest lies with the Cross Cub 110 anyway, but that has zero chance of coming here if the Super Cub doesn’t. Lets hope they sell lots south of the border and Honda Canada reconsiders. Wonder where this leaves the Monkey?

      1. Honda gives us an ugly arse Rebel and an extremely expensive 450cc dual purpose but no Monkey??! Time to shake up Honda management again.

        1. I am a Honda fan and was a loyal one. But just seems that Honda is not giving me goose bumps anymore. Especially if They are ignoring bringing the Monkey and Super cub to Canada. Even the big bikes it seems they are either too expensive or just plain ugly. I Think its time to move on. Sorry Honda Canada.

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