Roadracing round-up: Ortt, Dumas do RoadAmerica

Photo: Braeden Ortt/Facebook

Canadian roadracers Alex Dumas and Braeden Ortt were down at RoadAmerica on the weekend, taking place in MotoAmerica’s showdown, with great results for Dumas and okay results for Ortt.

Dumas, who’s racing in the Liqui Moly Junior Cup series, earned a first-place finish in the weekend’s first race in that class, then hit trouble with a DNF in the second. Bummer! But that was still good enough to hold on to first place overall with 100 points. Good stuff!

Meanwhile Ortt, seen in the photo above, is soldiering away in Supersport, bagging 13th in the first race, and eighth in the second. That worked out to fourth overall by the end of the weekend’s racing. He has 60 points to series leader JD Beach’s 140 points.

One thought on “Roadracing round-up: Ortt, Dumas do RoadAmerica”

  1. Superbike race one was one of the best races I’ve seen in a while, certainly the best MotoAmerica race I’ve seen. Too bad there wasn’t more competitive bikes in the field. I sure wish they would come back to Brainerd.

    Watching the race, I was reminded of when the clutch on my FRZ400 failed and I had to push my bike up that steep hill into pit lane, missing most of my practice when I had to repair it. I still got a fourth place finish in the expert class in AMACCS. Seems like a life time ago.

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