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Aaaaaand here’s your Erzbergrodeo coverage!

The Erzbergrodeo ran last weekend, and you can watch it all in this YouTube broadcast, thanks to Red Bull (officially, it’s the Red Bull Hare Scramble).

In case you wonder why this matters: The Erzbergrodeo is possibly the world’s most difficult “short” off-road race. It’s held in an old iron mine in Austria, and it’s a four-day hard enduro event, but the final day’s race is the highlight. It’s a battleground for the toughest, most skilled dirt riders, where the best in the world compete and many do not complete the event. If you finish, you’re a hero. If you finish first, you’re a legend.

We’d tell you the results, but for those of you who want to watch the whole race, we’d rather not spoil it for you. For the rest of you, who don’t have that time, you can find a PDF of the results at the Erzbergrodeo here.

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