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Yamaha MyRide app launches

Yamaha has released a tracking app that can track your ride’s data and share it with friends, along with photos and other details from your bike excursion.

The MyRide app (available for iOS and Android devices) is open for all riders, not just Yamaha owners. Other OEMs have released similar apps, but they’ve been intended to work with a specific brand or model of motorcycle, and haven’t been sold as universal apps.

The Yamaha app is free, at least for now, and will keep track of your lean angle, acceleration, speed, brakepower, and elevation changes, and allows you to also add photos of your trip and share that information on social media, or simply save the information in your account. The app can also be used to create GPX files of your trip to share.

If you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area, the app can also be used to discover good riding roads, as it can recommend specific routes that other riders have shared in the area.

Some earlier datalogger apps used your motorcycle’s onboard sensors to interface with the phone and record ride data, but the Yamaha app uses the phone’s built-in accelerometer to acquire the information.

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