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Royal Enfield is working on an electric bike

Royal Enfield has announced it’s working on an electric motorcycle.

The company’s president has reportedly told India’s Economic Times newspaper that Royal Enfield has an ongoing electric motorcycle project—and that’s it. No promise of an arrival date, no details on power, battery capacity, or range.

However, given Royal Enfield’s status as an up-and-coming contender to Harley-Davidson in the global market for retro motorcycles, it wouldn’t be surprising to at least see a prototype break cover by 2020, when Harley-Davidson plans to unveil its electric bike, which will be built in conjunction with Alta.

For now, we haven’t heard of Royal Enfield being involved in a deal similar to the hookup between Harley-Davidson and Alta. Royal Enfield has expressed an interest in going it alone, instead of establishing the ties that other Indian manufacturers are creating with Western marques. However, we have seen some made-in-India electric bikes break cover in recent months, so maybe one of those startups will be absorbed by Royal Enfield, or at least work in cooperation. Royal Enfield certainly has the buying power to make it happen, considering it sold more than 750,000 motorcycles last year, and the sales numbers continue to grow steadily.

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        1. The engine is rated to produce 47 hp at the crank, so rear wheel horsepower should be around 40 – are you intending to be funny, or simply malicious?

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